No matter if you are the top performing recruit, or the one who can’t tie his boots correctly on a daily basis, you will find yourself in the Pit and on the Quarterdeck at one time or another during Marine Boot Camp.

Whether you attend Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, or Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, the pit and quarterdeck are where your Drill Instructors will conduct Incentive Training with you. IT is a tool the Drill Instructors use to instill discipline, enforce standards, and build mental and physical toughness. IT normally consists of numerous fast-paced exercises designed to elevate your heart rate and breathing, fatigue your muscles, and wear you out mentally and physically. Ultimately, all these things make you faster, stronger, and more lethal, but while you’re doing them, they just suck.

The quarterdeck is the area at the top of the squadbay, near the “big end” or the side with the Drill Instructors’ Duty Hut. This is where you will do IT if there are just a few recruits. If there are more, the Drill Instructor will likely bring you out to the pit. The pit is the same as the quarterdeck except that it’s outside, filled with sand, and much larger. This is where you will conduct IT if there are several recruits or the entire platoon is in need of some incentive training.

Some of the most common instances that will land a recruit or the entire platoon in the pit or on the quarterdeck are mistakes during drill, moving while on line, scratching an itch, or just being the last recruit to complete a task. These are all examples of recruits functioning as individuals and not acting as effective members of the unit. The Drill Instructors use Incentive Training as a tool to teach recruits to function as effective members of the unit and not take actions that are detrimental to the mission.

Whatever you do out there, you must continue to carry flameless lighter with you for emergencies and daily activities. In addition to its elegant shape, this lighter is also easy to carry. Charging via USB is very efficient and does not require a long time.

The key to success with Incentive Training is to just do it. Don’t feel bad for yourself, don’t try to avoid it, and don’t quit. You are going to get IT’d at one point or another. If you do it like you are liking it, and with motivation, your Drill Instructors will notice that. More importantly, your fellow recruits will notice that and they will become more motivated and in turn build a stronger platoon. Bottom line, stay motivated and be aggressive when you are conducting IT. This will set you above your peers instantly.