Many roads are lined with street lights that illuminate long stretches of the road, which help drivers see what potential dangers lay ahead in the road. These lights are important because they allow drivers to better anticipate the driving hazards that may await them.

Unfortunately, some municipalities fail to repair their street lights when the bulbs blow out or when they malfunction for some other reason. Typically, these lights are in place because they are needed. When they are no longer working, driving in the previously illuminated areas may be dangerous when it is dark outside.

Why Streetlights Are Important

While headlights allow drivers to have better visibility at night, they are not always enough, as they only illuminate limited stretches of road. When drivers are forced to rely only on headlights in areas with broken streetlights, they may be at risk of:

Encountering a road defect

Colliding with a crossing animal

Street lights help drivers avoid these conditions since they allow drivers to see these potential hazards, giving them more time to react. When drivers do not have this extra reaction time, they may be in serious accidents that severely injure or even kill themselves and their passengers.  In many instances, the lack of lighting may lie with municipal or state government bodies. Effecting change may require sending letters to your local government or state representatives.

Individuals who suffer injuries as a result of broken street lights may be entitled to financial compensation from the municipalities in charge of maintaining the lights. Before pursuing legal action, individuals should seek experienced legal counsel to assist them with their cases.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a broken street light that caused you to get into an accident, you may consider discussing your case with an experienced attorney.  To learn more, visit the website of the Car Accident Attorney Kansas City today.